What is it?

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something’s not quite right. If you are experiencing dental related pain whether it be from a toothache, loss of filling, a chipped tooth, or dental related trauma, it is important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Here at Advanced Dental Spa we give priority to those experiencing pain and in need of immediate dental assistance. You can be rest assured that a highly skilled and experience dentist will be carrying out your treatment with your comfort in mind. We are able to provide a wide range of treatments to address any immediate concern you may have about your mouths health.

Emergency Dental includes the onset or worsening of toothaches, loss of filling or crown, swollen or irritated gums, dental trauma, broken or chipped teeth, sports injuries, swelling, bleeding, or any other severe pain. These issues can occur suddenly or without notice so it’s important to visit a dentist who understands the severity of the situation and cares about your comfort and recovery. Advanced Dental Spa dentists’ first priority is just that. We aim to be available to you in your time of need and are conveniently located in 3 locations, Ballajura, Willetton, and West Perth. This gives you and your family quick and easy access to assistance when it’s needed most. Dental concerns aren’t something to be postponed, if you feel concerned or are in pain, contact us today and we will make your appointment a top priority.

What's involved?

The type of dental emergency you are experiencing will determine what treatment you will receive, however, we always make emergency patients a priority giving first preference to those in pain. Whether you are experiencing unexplained toothaches, loss of filling, a chipped tooth or sporting related trauma, or any other dental related trauma we can take care of your needs. Pain management is the first priority for us to ensure you are comfortable and we are able to properly assess the damage. After this has taken place we will begin treatment whether that be fixing a ceramic filling, repairing a chipped tooth, or take the first steps towards further treatment if needed.

We are located in three convenient locations including Ballajura, Willetton, and West Perth and are sure to have a clinic near you. For more information or if you have a dental emergency, don’t delay, contact Advanced Dental Spa and get quality care immediately.

How does it feel?

How the treatment feels will also depend on what treatment you are receiving. We are able to administer multiple types of anaesthesia and pain relief to make you comfortable and insure you are out of pain throughout treatment. Our highly skilled dentists know the techniques that will involve the least discomfort for you, whilst achieving amazing results. Depending on your treatment you may need to receive general anaesthetic or have your treatment while under twilight sedation, this is known as sleep dentistry.

Not only does Sedation Dentistry offer an alternative to anaesthetic but is also a great option for those experiencing anxiety about dental treatments. Putting off a visit to the dentist or certain procedure can compromise your oral health in the long run. Our dentists at Advanced Dental Spa are understanding and experienced with patients who may not be the biggest fans of dental clinics. We are patient and courteous and aim to make your treatment the most pleasant experience possible. To learn more about your options and how Advanced Dental Spa can provide a comfortable environment for emergency dental treatments, contact us day.

Scared of the dentist?

Being scared of the dentist is a common fear among both young and old and nothing to be ashamed about. Thankfully there are talented dentists such as the ones at our clinics who are trained in methods that will decrease your anxiety associated with dentists and allow you to get the treatment you need. Oral health is extremely important to your overall health and shouldn’t be delayed, especially when facing a condition that could compromise the future integrity of your smile. We offer a range of services and use world class techniques to ensure your discomfort is at a minimum during your treatment, whether that be a routine check up, smile makeover, or dental implant/restoration.

One of the main techniques we use to overcome your fears is Sedation Dentistry. Sedation Dentistry is the process of performing dental treatments while the patient is under conscious (or twilight) sedation. This process can be beneficial in many circumstances including when complex extensive dentistry needs to be undertaken and when the patient faces anxiety about dental work in general. If you’ve experienced issues with extreme gum sensitivity, a fear of needles, a low pain threshold, or strong gag reflex when visiting the dentist, Sedation Dentistry could be the solution. For more information on the services available aimed at making your appointment more comfortable, contact us today.

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